2020, during this unprecedented year, we realize it’s necessary to have a financial plan A and B.

Based on what we’ve experienced living in a world with Covid-19, a plan C would definitely be handy.  Most of us have a plan A, which is typically a full time job. Some of us have a plan B, i.e. a second income source from any number of avenues.  When I sat down with Mr. Stephen Atkins, a financial coach who retired more than 15 years ago in his thirties and whose investments continuously grow, I was left feeling there is much to accomplish to set myself up to win in the game of financial security.  I also feel like adding a plan C might not be such a bad idea; especially during a World Wide Pandemic.

Here is why


Unemployment rate is
higher than ever


Some employers will not return to the marketplace


A great portion of American savings has been exhausted


The new economy is
time freedom

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