Hello, I am Cedra Stokes, I combine commitment, vulnerability and warmth  to elevate your life through transforming your mindset.

If you’re like me, you have a burning desire to become greater than you are being right now.  You want to do amazing things in life while having incredible, bucket list experiences.  Also, as an example, you may dream of a different career, a new city, a loving partner and traveling to exotic places with people you love.

Basically, you spend a lot of time dreaming that ‘one day’ you will have it all.

Having it all looks different to each of us, your definition may be to be happy.  Creating daily joy in your life.  These are suggestions, I’m shooting from the hip as they say…

What I know for sure is, it’s human nature to have dreams.  We all have goals and they look different to each of us.  Though, what is not different is how to achieve them.

I found, in order to become a different version of yourself, do these amazing things and create a dream life, it starts with reinvention.

I invite you to give yourself permission to change, today, from who you know yourself to be right now…to who you desire to become Quantumly.

All desires are made real by elevating the way you think and by transforming the way you are living your life.

We do this together.  I vulnerably coach and lead you through your process of transformation with warmth and integrity.  I’m with you every step of the way, you are not alone.

What I know for sure is, we as humans are more similar than we are different; what makes us unique is the greatness we bring to the planet and all the sh*t we get to overcome to BE our authentic, amazing, true selves.