“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude."

I AM A committed, vulnerable, warm leader.

I fell into my professional real estate career while attending UCLA in the late 90’s.

I remember it like yesterday, sitting at the kitchen table with my grandmother, when my big brother asked me to invest in buying a property.

The monies ended up being seed capital for our real estate company we formed shortly thereafter; the year was 1995.

What is it ‘they’ say about God not making mistakes?

The financial freedom gained from real estate also supported other ambitions; in 2011, I became a professional photographer due to my love of these 2 things: fashion and fanciness.

I dealt with depression in 2016; which began my intense transformational journey.

I reemerged a better version of myself in 2019 and created The Reinvented Woman.

TRW is a culmination of my life experience, woven into one coaching program…exploring the areas of money, meditation, makeover and miracles.

Today I teach these principals to women on their road to reinvention.